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The Municipality of Itbayat
Itbayat is an island municipality that lies in the waters north of Batan Island. It covers an approximate land area of 9,000 hectares or 90 square kilometres, which includes a number of uninhabited islets, namely: Dinem, Mavudis, Siayan, and Yami. The main island is the largest of the three inhabited islands that comprise the province of Batanes. Around four thousand people live in the municipality. The island can be reached by both sea and air transportation.
In 1855, civil authority was officially established and the mission was founded in the island. Itbayat was a pueblo during the Spanish period, but it became a municipal district when the Americans restored provincial status to Batanes in 1909. It became a municipality upon the proclamation of the Commonwealth of the Philippines in 1935.
The municipality has five major settlements, namely: Raele, San Rafael (Idiang), Santa Lucia (Kauhauhasan), Santa Maria (Marapuy) and Santa Rosa (Kaynatuan).

The settlements have their own ports/landings: Axtac in Santa Maria (east coast), Chinapoliran in San Rafael (western seaboard), Mauyen in the south, Paganaman in Santa Rosa (north of Idiang) and Rodluken in Santa Lucia (south of Marapuy).
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